What Does Acura Mean?

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Each brand of car has a unique name, and Acura is no exception. ‘Acura’ has a few different definitions. The original definition being that the origin of Acura came from the Latin word Acu, which translates to “done with precision” or “mechanically precise”. It is also said that the Japanese division of the Honda Motor Company called this make Akira, which translates to “intelligent”, and “wisdom” or “truth”. Regardless of where the interpretation comes from, these models maintain a future as precisely-built models.

What Does the Acura Logo Mean?

Thinking about the various definitions and meanings of the word or name Acura, let us take a closer look at the insignia. The insignia resembles the tip of a caliper measurement tool which is designed to help determine thickness and obtain precise measurements, all while paying close attention to detail. Essentially, this tool helps with accuracy and precision. Acura models are built with precision and accuracy themselves, making this logo fit perfectly with its name.

A Bit of Acura History

Dedicated Honda engineers started Acura in 1986, and they created the Integra and the Legend taking this luxury brand straight to the top in less than a year of production. In 1989, the Acura NSX supercar was crafted and by 2000, the first crossover SUV with three-row seating, the Acura MDX, was introduced to the auto industry. The Performance Manufacturing Center is located in Ohio, and still working with a lot of innovative tech. Acura is not slowing down on producing luxury models in the United States anytime soon.

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