Signs You Need to Get an Oil Change

December 20th, 2018 by

Getting an oil change

Changing your oil when recommended means keeping your vehicle running smoother for longer. Not sure when you last changed the oil or when to have it changed? Check your owners manual and make sure you know the signs that your vehicle’s due for an oil change with the First Acura service center. Be sure to check out our accelerated maintenance options as well!

What Are the Signs?

There are four distinct signs to know if you need an oil change. These vary from warning lights to discoloration. Be aware of these signs to prevent damage to your vehicle:

  • Dipstick Discoloration: If you check the dipstick and notice the color is something other than a honey or amber color, or if the level is below the full mark, your oil needs replaced.
  • Check Oil Maintenance Reminder: If your vehicle has a maintenance reminder, it may flash to let you know it’s time for an oil change.
  • Warning Lights: If the check engine light, or another warning light, appears on your vehicle’s dashboard, you’ll want to bring your model in right away to ensure the oil change is what it needs.
  • Noises: When the engine starts making noise, this could be because the wrong type of oil was used or there isn’t enough oil to begin with. Bring your vehicle in to have those checked before this causes more serious damage.
Pouring oil into an engine
Check oil light lit up

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

Oil helps lubricate the many moving components in the engine. Without it to smoothen the rotation and absorb the heat from the friction, the engine could overheat and lead to more serious issues. Replacing the old oil with fresh oil can help rid the engine of debris as well as absorb more of the heat to help it move better.

Visit the First Acura Service Center

When the time comes to have your oil checked or changed, visit the mechanics at the First Acura service center. Have questions about our service specials or how an oil change works, or if Acura requires premium gas? Contact us in the meantime!