How Do You Measure Tread Depth?

September 18th, 2018 by

Measure Tread Depth

How do you measure tread depth? The process is actually quite simple Providence drivers who would like to know about measuring tire tread depth to maintain the health of their vehicles and their tires should check out this guide fromFirst Acura!

Methods to Measure Tread Depth

There are two common methods to measure tread depth: using either a gauge or a U.S. coin. Follow these steps:

  • Gauge: Your gauge should read in 32nds of an inch. Place the probe into the center of a tire groove and press down on the gauge’s base. Remove the gauge carefully via its barrel – do not touch the probe. At this point, you can confirm the tread depth reading. Take measurements at different grooves on your tires to determine uneven wear.
  • U.S. coin: Place a penny into various tread grooves around the tire. When part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread at all measurement points, your tread depths are still above the worn-out mark. You can also check tread depth with a quarter or the opposite side of a penny.

When Are Tires Worn Out?

Tires can be deemed worn out when they only have 2/32” of remaining tread depth. If you measure your tire tread depth and determine it is at this point or lower, it is time to get new tires to ensure the safety of you and your passengers whenever you drive the Warwick streets. Experts often recommend getting new tires before your old ones reach this point, too, especially if rain, snow, and slick roads are a concern.

Schedule Service with First Acura

If you notice your tire tread depth is low after you take a measurement, connect with First Acura near Cranston to schedule service. You can even learn how to check transmission fluids. Our technicians can diagnose and take care of any necessary maintenance, repairs, and replacements and offer great service deals for you!

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