GPS-Linked Climate Control from Acura

May 21st, 2018 by

GPS-Linked Climate Control

Getting the temperature inside the car just right to accommodate for the Providence weather can be difficult, but that’s not the case with Acura’s GPS-Linked Climate Control. Available on a variety of models in the Acura lineup, find out what GPS-Linked Climate Control can do for you below then contact First Acura near Warwick for a test drive!

How It Works

Acura GPS-Linked Climate Control technology takes automatic climate control to the next level, using global positioning satellites to track on the Acura Navigation System to track the sun’s position. GPS-linked Climate Control does the following:

  • Monitors the sun’s intensity and position as it relates to your Acura model.
  • Adjusts the cabin temperature according to section–it can adjust an overly-sunny and hot driver side to match the cool and shady passenger side temperature.
  • Ensures each part of the cabin remains comfortably at the designated temperature.
  • Functions automatically, so you don’t have to keep fiddling with any knobs or buttons.
  • Responds to voice-activated commands.

Take Advantage of GPS-Linked Climate Control at First Acura

Learn more about GPS-Linked Climate Control and other exclusive Acura features, like AcuraLink®, and how to find the Acura radio codes when you visit First Acura in Seekonk! We can also help you with any maintenance or repairs you may require!