2015 Acura RLX


Power and Efficiency Under One Hood

When you want everything that a luxury vehicle has to offer, it pays to do some research on your buying options. As you put together your comparisons of the best luxury cars on the market, remember to include the Acura RLX as part of your research. By the time you are done, you will quickly realize why so many people around the world are considering the Acura RLX to be a luxury car that defines the apex of value.

Power is one of the main criteria that discerning buyers use to compare luxury vehicles and the Acura RLX definitely has plenty of muscles to flex. Under the hood of the RLX you will find a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that cranks out 310 hp in the smoothest way possible. This direct gas injection engine gives you the ultimate fuel efficiency and allows you to turn those Sunday drives along the coast into an adventure.

The Acura engineers put their Variable Cylinder Management feature into the RLX to help give it even more fuel efficiency. With this technology, the RLX can determine whether it needs all six of its cylinders, or only three to operate. Once you reach your cruising speed, the RLX will instantly reduce your fuel consumption and deliver the same smooth ride while using a fraction of the fuel that would be required otherwise.

The six-speed automatic transmission on the RLX can be set to either “Drive” or “Sport.” The “Drive” feature offers extremely smooth gear shifting that eliminates the uncomfortable jolts that often accompany high-revving engines. The “Sport” feature taps into even more power and makes going up hills and around tight turns as comfortable as driving down a straight, country road.

The Key is the Key

When you have your RLX key on you, the vehicle becomes an extension of you and starts anticipating your needs and next moves. As you approach the RLX with the key in your pocket, the vehicle will light up and display all of its keyless entry features to you. Once inside the RLX, you will be able to start it and operate all of its functions without ever having to take your key out of your pocket. It is the ultimate in convenience and security for your luxury vehicle.

Acura RLX

Stability is the Key to Comfort

The Acura engineers have gone all out to make the RLX the most luxurious car on the road. Enhancing the six-speed automatic transmission is a bit of Acura engineering called Precision All-Wheel Steering. It is a system that allows the back wheels to adjust to the car’s actions and create a more stable, safer ride.

The rear wheels can pivot in concert with the front wheels to create tight yet smooth lane changes and turns. If you have to come to a sudden stop, the rear wheels will angle inward to help offset the sudden transfer of energy to the front of the vehicle. The RLX’s advanced engineering provides the driver with precise handling capabilities in while offering a smooth and luxurious driving experience.

Luxury has its Advantages

Many of the features that come standard with the Acura RLX are options for the other Acura luxury models. For example, the voice recognition system that allows you to control the interior functions without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road is standard with the RLX.

There are several advanced security features that come standard with the RLX that will allow you to protect your investment. If your RLX is broken into, the ignition will automatically disable itself. A potential criminal will be welcomed by a barrage of horn blasts and flashing headlights. The RLX can send a message to your smartphone when its alarm system has been triggered and it comes with a tracking system that will tell you exactly where the vehicle has been taken. All of these security features are standard and offer the Acura RLX owner peace of mind.

Handling is Important

The Acura RLX comes standard with two handling features that will make your drive smoother and more fuel efficient. The Vehicle Stability Assist function utilizes the car’s braking system to control individual wheels and make it easier to steer in tight or recurring turns.

To help out the VSA function, there is the Agile Handling Assist feature, which sends an entirely different set of commands to the RLX braking system. The Agile Handling Assist feature provides steering guidance through curves that allows you to follow the easiest and most efficient path through winding roads.

Luxury has a Name

The Acura RLX is everything you want in a luxury vehicle and more. Its advanced safety and security functions keep you safe while you are driving and protect the investment you have made in this amazing machine. With the help of its advanced systems, the RLX offers a smooth ride that saves on gas and reduces wear on your tires.

When you are looking for the best value in luxury and you want to the most comprehensive features available, then look no further than the Acura RLX. It is everything you want luxury to be, without the luxurious price tag.