2015 Acura RDX

Acura RDX 2015

Don’t Let The Lines Fool You

The sleek lines, spacious interior and silky smooth ride of the Acura RDX make it very easy to forget that this is a compact utility vehicle. Acura shows that a utility vehicles can be practical and luxurious at the same time with the RDX. But the design engineers at Acura know why you buy vehicles like the RDX, which means that this vehicle is filled with family safety features that make it ideal for a family vacation or a romantic night on the town.

That Purr Is The Engine

Acura has spent years developing technology that has revolutionized the way that people look at high-revving engines. The RDX does not handle like your typical six-cylinder vehicle and it certainly does not sound like one.

The 2015 Acura RDX has a 3.5-liter i-VTECH engine that uses a six-speed Sequential SportShift automatic transmission to create a smooth and quiet ride. The Sequential SportShift feature can be adjusted with the flick of a switch to handle just as smoothly on steep inclines as it does on flat straightaways. When you are driving the RDX, the terrain will never be challenge and that purr you hear is your engine.

To go along with this smooth performance, the RDX also utilizes Variable Cylinder Management to save you money on gas. All six cylinders will be hammering away when you are getting up to speed, but the RDX will shut down some of those cylinders once you reach your cruising speed. Since three and four cylinders uses less fuel than six, you know that the RDX is saving you money on those long drives along the coast.

Acura RDX 2015

The Suspension And Body Work Together To Create Maximum Comfort

The rigid body structure of the RDX was designed for a specific purpose. The reinforced seams and rigid design make it easier for the advanced suspension to give you absolute control of your RDX at all times. Whether you are winding through a mountain pass or making sharp turns at highway speed, the combination of the multi-link design of the rear suspension and the reinforced seams around the front suspension give you complete control over the entire vehicle.

Stretch Out And Enjoy The Ride

A utility vehicle is supposed to be roomy and the RDX offers the most room of its class. The front seats offer 38.7 inches of headroom and 42 inches of legroom which, when combined with the comfort of the leather seats, makes it hard to remember that you are in a compact utility vehicle.

Front seat room is great, but the Acura RDX really earns praise for the space it gives customers in the back seats. The RDX offers 38.1 inches of headroom and 38.3 inches of legroom to the backseat passengers. That means that the backseat is nearly as roomy as the front seat and that allows everyone to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let’s Talk About Safety

The Acura RDX could hold its own against any other compact utility vehicle when it comes to looks and performance, but what about safety? The RDX comes standard with a multi-view rear camera that allows you to see what is coming before it becomes a danger.

The RDX also has Acura’s Occupant Position Detection System, which can determine whether or not the person in the front passenger seat is tall enough to benefit from the use of airbags. If the vehicle determines that airbags would do more harm than good, then the front passenger airbags are deactivated.

The Occupant Position Detection System can also tell when you have a child safety seat installed in the backseat area. Once the RDX detects a child safety seat, it will turn off the side airbags and create a safe driving situation for your child.

Check Out The Accessories

RDX7.png The Acura RDX comes standard with everything you would need for a smooth, safe ride. But there are plenty of great accessories you can use to create the compact utility vehicle you have always wanted.

Acura offers accessories that offer all-season protection for the interior, utility roof attachments that allow you to safely carry your surfboard or snowboard wherever you go, and a remote engine starting system that makes starting your RDX in cold weather much more convenient. There are accessories to add some style to your interior and greater functionality to your engine in cold weather. With Acura, you get to make your RDX into exactly what you want it to be.