2015 Acura MDX

Acura MDX 2015

Luxury, Fuel Efficiency and Advanced Engineering

Every so often, there comes a vehicle that has everything consumers want, including a reasonable price tag. For everything the 2015 Acura MDX has to offer, the price is well below comparable vehicles by manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. In typical Acura fashion, you get unbeatable luxury, reliability and prestige at a substantially lower price point.

It is great to be able to own a luxury car that handles and looks like vehicles that cost tens of thousands of dollars more, but the price difference loses its luster if you have to pay more to keep it fueled. The engineers at Acura took care of that issue by giving the V-6 engine in the MDX technology known as Variable Cylinder Management.

When you are getting your MDX up to cruising speed, you need all six cylinders to insure a smooth ride. But when you reach your cruising speed, you no longer need all six cylinders. Variable Cylinder Management decides how many cylinders you really need and shuts down the others. This not only increases fuel efficiency, it also extends the life of your engine.

Smooth Is The Mantra

If the 2015 Acura MDX had one mantra, it would be that a smooth ride is everything. The six-speed transmission in the MDX is an automatic with additional manual control options, and the ride is smooth no matter which method you choose. The automatic transmission on the MDX has a “sporty” setting that will anticipate its shift changes to prevent the kind of sudden bursts forward that come with high-revving engines.

The automatic transmission come with a paddle-board feature that offers either temporary or full manual setting that is as easy to change as moving your foot. The advanced transmission technology available in the MDX makes going up a steep hill just as smooth as standing still.

Acura MDX 2015

Then There Are The Luxury Features

Acura has a way of blending luxury with functionality and the 2015 MDX is no exception. Every detail is taken into account; even the windshield wipers. Acura made sure that the luxurious look of the MDX is preserved by designing wipers and wiper fluid dispensers that are fully concealed when they are not being used. While that is convenient, it is nothing compared to the way the wipers spring into action.

The wiper arms are designed specifically to give greater coverage on the windshield. When you turn on the wipers, the MDX automatically activates its headlights. If you forget to turn on your wipers when it starts raining, then the MDX will turn he wipers on for you. As your speed increases, or as the intensity of the rain increases, the MDX will speed up the wipers in direct correlation to the increased speed of the rain. If Acura pays attention to these kinds of details, imagine what else the MDX has in store.

The 2015 Acura MDX is a luxury vehicle that looks and handles like vehicles that tens of thousands of dollars more expensive. Acura engineers took everything into account including safety, looks, and comfort. When you want a luxury vehicle that is considered the very best value on the market, then you want the 2015 Acura MDX.